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  • Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery


    Latitude: 54.5730026, Longitude: -1.2377546


    Matches 1 to 30 of 53

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 Amelia [Malka b Nesun]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5517
    2 Bertha [Breina b Hannania Liepman]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5498
    3 Breyne Rebeccah [Breina Rebecca n Chaim Zvi]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5428
    4 Celia (Cissy) [Cissy Zelda b Isaiah?]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5538
    5 Elizabeth (Louisa) [Lena Bilah b Benjamin]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I4316
    6 Eva [Chava b Benjamin]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5511
    7 Hannah [Hannah b Zvi]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5429
    8 Leah [Leah b Moshe]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5509
    9 Sarah Ada [Sarah Adel b Moshe]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5494
    10 Sarah Bessie [Sarah Pessa b Jacob]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5629
    11 Sarah [Sarah b Avrahom]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5548
    12 Sarah [Sarah b Yehuda]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5586
    13 BENJAMIN Herbert Claude  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5454
    14 BENJAMIN Minnie  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5568
    15 BERNSTEIN Moses Samuel [(Moshe) Shmuel b Yitzhak]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5528
    16 BERNSTEIN (BERNSTIEN) Rachel  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5468
    17 BLACK Gertie (Gertrude) [Gilda? b Eliahu]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5565
    18 BLOOM Isadore [Israel b Mordecai?]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5630
    19 BOULTON Harriet Louisa [Miriam]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5421
    20 COHEN Israel [Yitsrael b Joseph HaCohen]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5544
    21 FINK Pinkus [Pincus b Avrahom]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5426
    22 HALSON Dennis Charles  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5602
    23 HARRIS Sam  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5556
    24 HURWITZ Jennie [Sheini Esther? b Joseph]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5595
    25 HUSH Isaac [Yitzhak b Zvi]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I4281
    26 HYAMS Shier [Isaiah b Hayim]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5491
    27 JACKSON Jane (Jennie)  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5425
    28 LEVENSTEIN Moses Arron [Moshe Arron b Michal HaCohen]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5481
    29 LEVY Arthur Isaac  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5592
    30 LEVY Jacob [Jacob b Moshe HaLevi]  Middlesbrough Old Jewish Cemetery I5541

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