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  • Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery


    Latitude: 51.5233527, Longitude: -0.0450899


    Matches 1 to 30 of 117

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 (unknown) b Abraham  Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12363
    2 (unknown) Blumbak b Leib of Yochna  05 Aug 1769Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12361
    3 Abfalk? b Leib  Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12377
    4 Abraham b Jacob  01 Dec 1793Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12162
    5 Abraham b Joel  Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12352
    6 Abraham b Nathan  14 Dec 1790Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12193
    7 Abraham b Uri Shraga  04 Feb 1770Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12327
    8 Abram ben Tovi  27 Jan 1774Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12321
    9 Breindla b Joseph  10 Oct 1792Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12292
    10 Edel b David of Kelin  Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12359
    11 Esther  16 Jan 1777Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12217
    12 Esther b Hayyim  08 Oct 1782Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12328
    13 Eve (Hava)  30 Dec 1792Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12156
    14 Gittela  Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12370
    15 Gutla b Yehiel  16 Apr 1782Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12215
    16 Hannah (Henna) [Hendele]  09 Sep 1793Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12186
    17 Hannah Haya  Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12302
    18 Hennah [Heneli Sarah bat Moses]  22 Dec 1793Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12154
    19 Heva b Jacob Levi  Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12219
    20 Isaac b Issachar of Einhorn  27 Oct 1752Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12373
    21 Isaac Isaac ben Shneour  14 Feb 1772Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12298
    22 Issachar Behr b Nathan  Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12325
    23 Jacob b Abraham Kz (Katz)  21 Jan 1796Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12222
    24 Jacob b Solomon  Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12392
    25 Jacob [Yaacov Ze'ev b Yisrael SGL]  06 Jan 1772Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12206
    26 Joseph b Abraham  Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I18259
    27 Joseph b Abraham Chait  04 Aug 1785Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12315
    28 Joseph b Jo?  22 Nov 1754Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12320
    29 Judah Leib b Isaac  14 Jan 1794Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12192
    30 Judah Leib b Samuel Sani  Alderney Road (Globe Rd) Jewish Cemetery I12364

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