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  • Prussia



    Matches 1 to 30 of 66

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 SOLOMON Nathan [Naftali b Shmuel]  1773Prussia I5299
    2 Fogel [Feigela b Zvi]  1776Prussia I5300
    3 EMANUEL Amelia (Emilia)  1789Prussia I1739
    4 SCHLESINGER Michael Samuel [Yechiel Michael b Samuel]  1791Prussia I9531
    5 COWVAN (HACOHEN) Bernard  1795Prussia I1275
    6 HORN Helena (Lena, Leaner)  17 Dec 1797Prussia I1821
    7 GOTTHEIMER Berton [Dov Behr b Moshe]  1798Prussia I9116
    8 COHN Johana (Hannchen)  1800Prussia I1900
    9 SIMMONS Gabriel b. Shmay'e  1800Prussia I8061
    10 Hannah Rebecca  1801Prussia I10715
    11 ELY Jacques [Jacob b Eliahu]  1801Prussia I2962
    12 GORER Lewis  1801Prussia I11252
    13 COHEN Raphael Isaac  1803Prussia I8384
    14 STADHAGEN Myer [Meir b Isaac]  1804Prussia I4998
    15 BERNSTONE Levi  1806Prussia I10714
    16 FLATAU William [Zeev b Shlomo]  1808Prussia I9927
    17 MICHAEL Jacob [Jacob b Michael]  1808Prussia I4138
    18 Bloomah  1809Prussia I6544
    19 ARENSBERG Henry  1811Prussia I8349
    20 AARON Simon [Sini? b Aharon]  1814Prussia I10692
    21 BAUMANN Alfred Benjamin  18 Apr 1816Prussia I8667
    22 Frederike (Fanny)  1818Prussia I8350
    23 HALDINSTEIN Philip Victor [Auri Sherga b Zvi]  24 Dec 1819Prussia I13195
    24 LEVY Leah [Leiba b Yehuda]  1821Prussia I9607
    25 SOLOMON Myers  1822Prussia I5303
    26 Emma  1823Prussia I8359
    27 BISCHOFSWERDER Isaac  1823Prussia I15546
    28 LOEWE Louis  1824Prussia I8358
    29 Agusta (Augusta)  1828Prussia I10730
    30 Betza [Beila b Moshe HaLevi]  1828Prussia I10723

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