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  • Kensington, London


    Latitude: 51.5018856, Longitude: -0.1908948


    Matches 1 to 27 of 27

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 WOOLF Philip  1889Kensington, London I10421
    2 WOOLF Leonard Sidney  1881Kensington, London I10415
    3 WOOLF Edgar  1884Kensington, London I10417
    4 WOOLF Clara  1885Kensington, London I10418
    5 WOOLF Benjamin  1882Kensington, London I10416
    6 WOOLF Bella  1877Kensington, London I10413
    7 WOOLF Arnold Herbert  1880Kensington, London I10414
    8 Captain SCHIFF Mortimer Edward Harold  13 Oct 1888Kensington, London I11345
    9 SAMUELS Esther  1852Kensington, London I11086
    10 RONALD Landon Russell  07 Jun 1873Kensington, London I9354
    11 PHILLIPS Lazarus (Lauzer)  1850Kensington, London I11085
    12 MYERS Mary  1900Kensington, London I11061
    13 MYERS Harriett Sophia  1898Kensington, London I11060
    14 MYERS George  1904Kensington, London I11062
    15 MYERS Charlotte  1897Kensington, London I11059
    16 MOCATTA Effie Bertha  05 Dec 1877Kensington, London I8537
    17 JONASSOHN Gladys V  1881Kensington, London I8442
    18 GOLDNER Walter  1873Kensington, London I10960
    19 GOETZ Charles  1873Kensington, London I9315
    20 FALCK Willie Edgar  1872Kensington, London I8480
    21 FALCK Helene Alice C  1877Kensington, London I8483
    22 FALCK Florence Esther  1873Kensington, London I8481
    23 FALCK Eveline Beatrice  1874Kensington, London I8482
    24 FALCK Alfred Lambert  07 Aug 1880Kensington, London I8484
    25 EINSTEIN Lena  1893Kensington, London I10889
    26 DAVIS Ellis  1851Kensington, London I951
    27 DAVIS Amy E  1855Kensington, London I952


    Matches 1 to 9 of 9

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 SAMUEL Caroline  1867Kensington, London I9723
    2 SALAMON Isabella Annette  1933Kensington, London I17421
    3 SALAMON Harriett Ann  1925Kensington, London I17417
    4 RUSSELL Henry  11 Oct 1937Kensington, London I9353
    5 MANDELSON Levy [Levy b Nathan]  30 Dec 1891Kensington, London I15220
    6 LYON Rose  1822Kensington, London I4026
    7 LEVY FLORANCE Charlotte  04 Jun 1857Kensington, London I10097
    8 BERGEL Samuel [Shmuel b Joseph]  29 May 1875Kensington, London I8681
    9 ARIA Judith  1879Kensington, London I7791


    Matches 1 to 5 of 5

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 SPYER / NATHAN  1857Kensington, London F1990
    2 SAMUEL / BANDON  1869Kensington, London F1149
    3 JACOBS / HANDS  1882Kensington, London F3521
    4 HART / JACOBS  1873Kensington, London F1893
    5 DE PASS / ENTICKNAP  1897Kensington, London F1778
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