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  • Stockton Jewish Cemetery


    Latitude: 54.5682262, Longitude: -1.3144336


    Matches 1 to 30 of 34

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 Amelia (Meendel Leah) [Mendel Leah b Shmuel]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5404
    2 Hagar  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5345
    3 Maria (Miriam)  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5338
    4 Rebecca Gertrude [Rebecca Gitla b Shmuel?]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5350
    5 Rebecca [Rebecca b Arieh]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5382
    6 ABRAHAMS Solomon [Avrahom Zalman]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5322
    7 BARNARD Solomon Lyon [Shlomeh Arieh b David HaLevi]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5361
    8 COHEN Eva  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5388
    9 COHEN Isaac (Itzak) Meyer [Yitzhak b Meir HaCohen]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5332
    10 COHEN Isaac [Yizhak Hayim b Turvya (Tobias) HaCohen]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5374
    11 COHEN Myer [Meir b Aharon HaCohen]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5339
    12 DOMBEN Betsey (Elizabeth) [Beila]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5371
    13 GARBUTT Samuel  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5389
    14 GETZ Teresa [Margiena? b Moshe HaLevi]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5387
    15 GOLDSTON Eli  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5408
    16 HART Elizabeth [Basha b Eliezer HaCohen]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I890
    17 HART Naphthala [Naftal b Simeon]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5419
    18 HOPPENSTADT Lena [Faydel ... b Israel Hayim]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5402
    19 HYAMS Raphael [Raphael Emmanuel b Hayim HaCohen]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5400
    20 JACKSON Barnett [Dov Ari b Avrahom]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5358
    21 JACOBS Rosa Leah  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5409
    22 KANTEMAN Kate (Keetje) [Keila]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5317
    23 LERMAN Levy [Arieh b Bezalel]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5381
    24 LEVI Simon [Zelig b Feivel]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5403
    25 LEVY Louis [Eliezer b Avrahom HaLevi]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5417
    26 MYERS Morris [Moshe Fishel]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5330
    27 RAPHAEL Max [Meir Menachem b Nachum Raphael]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5418
    28 RAPHAEL Shona Rosa [Sheina Rytsa b Aharon HaCohen]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5398
    29 RICHARDSON Deborah  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5399
    30 UDVINE Dora [Deborah b Gershon]  Stockton Jewish Cemetery I5367

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