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  • Exeter Jewish Cemetery


    Latitude: 50.7218, Longitude: -3.533617


    Matches 1 to 30 of 74

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 ZEITUNG Everetta Gabrielson [Hannah b Gabriel]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5095
    2 SOLOMON Nathan [Naftali b Shmuel]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5299
    3 SOLOMON Isaac [Yitzhak b Shlomeh]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5043
    4 SOLOMON Fogel  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5305
    5 SOLOMON Fanny Milcah  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5306
    6 SILVERSTONE Rosina  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5161
    7 SILVERMAN Simon [Simeon b Eliezer]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5635
    8 SCHULTZ Lewis [Yehuda b Joseph]  22 Dec 1873Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5302
    9 ROSENBERG Abraham [Avraham b Uriel Asher]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5110
    10 RAPHAEL Aaron [Aharon b Raphael]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5113
    11 PRAGER Harriet (Hetty)  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5097
    12 PARIS Aron Samuel [Aharon Shmuel b David]  05 Dec 1839Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5144
    13 PALMER Abraham Solomon [Avrahom b Shlomeh Zalman]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5155
    14 MYERS Priscilla Ellen [Shprinze b Benjamin]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5041
    15 MYERS Benjamin [Benjamin b Joel]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5149
    16 MONTEFIORE Hannah [Hannah b Moshe]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5031
    17 MARKS Samuel [Shmuel b Joseph]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5136
    18 LEVY Samuel  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5042
    19 LEVY Jonas [Jonah b Menachem]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5147
    20 LEVY Betsy [Breina b Gershon]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5037
    21 LEVI Moses Horvitz [Moshe b Arieh]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5146
    22 LAZARUS Moses [Moshe b Eliezer]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5672
    23 LAZARUS Henry [Naphtali b David]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5055
    24 LAZARUS Eleazer [Eliezer b Moshe]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5071
    25 LAZARUS David  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5295
    26 KENNARD Alfred [Aharon b Moshe]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5151
    27 JONAS Betsy [Breina b Jonah]  17 Nov 1878Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5083
    28 JONAS Barnet [Baruch b Naftali HaLevi]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5148
    29 JOEL Eugene  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5634
    30 JACOBS John [Jacob b Zvi Yehuda ]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5044

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