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  • Middlesbrough Yorkshire


    Latitude: 54.5730073, Longitude: -1.2379106


    Matches 31 to 60 of 76

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    31 MICHAELSON Benjamin Nathan  1874Middlesbrough Yorkshire I4324
    32 MICHAELSON Eliezer  1879Middlesbrough Yorkshire I4326
    33 MICHAELSON Issacher Barnet  1881Middlesbrough Yorkshire I4327
    34 MICHAELSON Janetta  1873Middlesbrough Yorkshire I4323
    35 MICHAELSON Rebecca  1877Middlesbrough Yorkshire I4325
    36 MONAET Louis  1891Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5599
    37 MYERS Eric Henry [Zvi b Meir Aharon]  1908Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5422
    38 NELSON Emanuel  1876Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5469
    39 NELSON Henrietta  1878Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5470
    40 NELSON Isaac  1887Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5473
    41 NELSON Nathan  1884Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5472
    42 NELSON Sarah  1881Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5471
    43 SIMON Ethel  1891Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5488
    44 SIMON Lily  1880Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5485
    45 SIMON Maxie  1885Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5487
    46 SIMON Morris  1882Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5486
    47 SIMON Philip  1879Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5484
    48 SMITH Abraham  1891Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5575
    49 SMITH Anne  1886Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5576
    50 SMITH Cissy  1884Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5572
    51 SMITH Dora  1890Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5573
    52 SMITH Esther  1875Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5562
    53 SMITH Hannah  1874Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5561
    54 SMITH Julia  1879Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5564
    55 SMITH Julia  1880Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5571
    56 SMITH Leah  1877Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5563
    57 SMITH Louis  1891Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5574
    58 SMITH Netta  1878Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5570
    59 SMITH Samuel  1875Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5569
    60 SMITH Sarah  1872Middlesbrough Yorkshire I5560

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