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  • Hoxton Old Jewish burial Ground



    Matches 31 to 49 of 49

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    31 BENJAMIN? Beila b Michael Benjamin  16 Jun 1779Hoxton Old Jewish burial Ground I5208
    32 COHEN Harris (Henry) Daniel [Judah b Aaron zl]  Hoxton Old Jewish burial Ground I5214
    33 COHEN Isaac [Isaac b Sheondell Katz]  26 Dec 1828Hoxton Old Jewish burial Ground I5235
    34 COHEN Lydia [Leah Deborah b Benjamin?]  Hoxton Old Jewish burial Ground I5198
    35 COHEN? Moses Michael  07 Nov 1839Hoxton Old Jewish burial Ground I5218
    36 GOMPERTZ Joseph [Joseph b. Behr Emeric]  10 Jun 1816Hoxton Old Jewish burial Ground I5193
    37 GOMPERTZ Solomon Barent [Solomon b Issachai]  03 Aug 1808Hoxton Old Jewish burial Ground I5197
    38 HENRY? (unknown)  Hoxton Old Jewish burial Ground I5224
    39 HYMAN Martha [Martha b Moses]  Hoxton Old Jewish burial Ground I5213
    40 ISAAC Rachel Benjamin  Hoxton Old Jewish burial Ground I5196
    41 JOSEPH Abraham [Abraham b Baruch]  05 Jan 1760Hoxton Old Jewish burial Ground I5255
    42 LEVY Aaron [Aaron b David Segal Levi]  Hoxton Old Jewish burial Ground I5254
    43 MOSES Aaron [Aaron b Yechiel]  1820Hoxton Old Jewish burial Ground I5223
    44 MOSES Esther  17 Aug 1815Hoxton Old Jewish burial Ground I5194
    45 MOSES Henry [Aaron (Elchanan) Henoch (Henle) Hamburger]  14 Mar 1769Hoxton Old Jewish burial Ground I5217
    46 MOSES? Abraham Moses b Meir Simeon  Hoxton Old Jewish burial Ground I5238
    47 NORDON? NORDEN Judah Leib b Reuben  08 Jul 1775Hoxton Old Jewish burial Ground I5206
    48 SALOMONS? Jacob [Jacob b Joseph] Kempen  1 Dec 1768Hoxton Old Jewish burial Ground I5252
    49 SAMUEL? Asher [Asher b Benjamin]  Hoxton Old Jewish burial Ground I5205

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