Eleazer (Deus-adiuvet)

Male - 1146


Eleazer (Deus-adiuvet) of Norwich

Eleazer (Deus-adiuvet) of Norwich

Status: Located

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Jews Garden, Cripplegate, England, Medieval Cemeteries

Notes: Until 1177 this was the only Jewish burial ground in England.

The area was excavated in 1961 and 7 graves were found in the narrow strip between Well Street and St Giles Churchyard. The graves were however empty. Speculation exists as to whether the remains were removed during The Expulsion or at some other time. Further traces of burials were found on the south side of Jewin Street although there was nothing on the north side of the street.

In 1617, four fragments of probable tombstones were found when Aldersgate was pulled down. These stones were taken by Thomas Earl of Arundel & Surrey and placed on the bank of the Thames in the garden of his house. They were then moved to Oxford and placed in the court yard of the Old Ashmolean Museum and subsequently lost.

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