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Aldershot Cemetery - commemorative plaque

The honourable Ze'ev Yaakov bar Moshe ...? Head of the? Burial Society (abbr. of Chevra Kadisha); The honourable Moshe Aaron bar [Phineas]Yehudah, Parnass thereof; The honourable Yisrael Yosef bar Eliezer, Warden of His Charity; The honourable Shlomo bar [Yaacov or Yitzhak], Literary Scribe;
The honourable Pinchas Yehudah bar Moshe Aaron, Fellow of the Society; who purchased this field as a burial-place (paraphrase of Genesis 23:20)on behalf of the children of nations ('children of our nation') resident in Aldershot, in the year' He who gives light to the earth and those who reside (upon/in it)'.* May the merit they deserve ... be maintained to them for everlasting generations and may they merit to behold the comforting of Zion, which will surely arise.
*Daily Morning Service: the numerical value of the enlarged letters in the quotation gives the year 5640 which corresponds to 1880.

Owner/SourceDr Helen Fry
Linked toAldershot Jewish Cemetery

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