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  • West Ham Jewish Cemetery



    Matches 31 to 60 of 149

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    31 ECKERSDORF Raphael [Raphael b Alexander]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I17376
    32 ELIAS Clara [Klira b Nathan]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16493
    33 GABRIEL Elizabeth [Briena b Lipman]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I12573
    34 GABRIEL Michael [Michael b Eleazer]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16470
    35 GLASIN Abraham [Abraham b Zev]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I5139
    36 GOBETZ Isaac Abraham  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I8514
    37 GOBETZ Isaac [Isaac b Abraham ]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16413
    38 GOLDSHEDE Barnado  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16463
    39 GOMPERTS Michael Mozes  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I14355
    40 DE GROOT Harry (Henry) G [Zvi b Mordecai]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I823
    41 HARRIS Alsey  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I15704
    42 HARRIS Elias  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I17507
    43 HARRIS Elizabeth [Beila b Jacob]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I15701
    44 HARRIS Simon  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I4614
    45 HART Asher Hymen [Asher b Hiam]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I15308
    46 HART Ernest [Isaac Jacob b Asher]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I17305
    47 HORWITZ Albert [Abraham b Nyman]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I15474
    48 ISAACS Barnett  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I17368
    49 ISAACS Isaac [Isaac b Naphtali]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I8018
    50 ISAACS Leah  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I17367
    51 ISAACS Lewis [Yehuda b David]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I2263
    52 ISAACS Rachel  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I17369
    53 JACOBSOHN John  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I5944
    54 JACOBSON Levy [Yehuda b Meir]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I5176
    55 JOEL Henry [Tsevi Hirsh b Shlomeh]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I6120
    56 DE JONG Abraham Simon [Jacob Abraham b Simeon]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16368
    57 JOSEPH Morris Simon [Mordecai b Simon]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16063
    58 JOSEPH Rachel  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I15309
    59 JUDAH Louisa [Miriam b Joseph]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I5203
    60 KEYZOR OR BANDON Abraham  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I11817

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