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  • West Ham Jewish Cemetery



    Matches 91 to 120 of 149

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    91 SAMPSON Jacob  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I8838
    92 SAMUEL Elizabeth [Beila b Isaac]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I17316
    93 SAMUEL Fanny  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16526
    94 SCHNEIDER Michael  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I11816
    95 SIMMONDS Hyman [Hiam b Israel HaLevi]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I5175
    96 SIMMONS Joshua [Joshua b Joseph]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16401
    97 SLOWMAN Abraham [Abraham b David HaLevi]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16345
    98 SOLOMON Elizabeth [Perla b Shlomeh Zalman]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I9958
    99 SYMONS Leah  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I15972
    100 TAUER Hessel [Zvi b Jacob]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I13661
    101 VAN GELDER Louis [Yehuda b Isaac HaCohen]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I13852
    102 VAN RAALTE Solomon  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I14356
    103 VELLEKOPER Nathan [Nathan b Yehuda]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I15763
    104 WALL Bezaleel [Bezalel b Nehemiah]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I14354
    105 VAN WEENEN Michael [Michael b David]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16378
    106 WERTHEIM? Anna (Annette) [Hanna b Schlomo]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I17335
    107 LEVY Nathaniel (Turnpike) [Nathan b Yehuda HaLevi]  16 Sep 1860West Ham Jewish Cemetery I13990
    108 Sophia  06 Nov 1860West Ham Jewish Cemetery I13991
    109 LEVY Martha (Mata)  07 Aug 1861West Ham Jewish Cemetery I15210
    110 GREEN Catherine  15 Jun 1862West Ham Jewish Cemetery I14418
    111 ISAACS Rachel [Rela b Meir]  23 Nov 1863West Ham Jewish Cemetery I14441
    112 JACOBS Esther (Hatty) [Egla b Benjamin Wolf Holtzman]  12 Jan 1864West Ham Jewish Cemetery I379
    113 ARROBAS (ARROBUS) Rebecca [Rebkah b Abraham]  25 Mar 1866West Ham Jewish Cemetery I14382
    114 JOSEPH Ann [Yentla b Nahom b Samel]  12 Apr 1867West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16461
    115 COHEN? Caroline [Mirlah b Elhanan]  12 Jan 1868West Ham Jewish Cemetery I9374
    116 MAGNUS Maria [Miriam b Joseph]  9 Apr 1868West Ham Jewish Cemetery I3913
    117 BAUM Joseph [Joseph b Pinchas]  27 Aug 1868West Ham Jewish Cemetery I14377
    118 Rebecca [Rebecca b Simcha]  19 Nov 1868West Ham Jewish Cemetery I9502
    119 VAN WEERDEN Edward  31 Jan 1869West Ham Jewish Cemetery I9336
    120 JACOBS John [Jacob b Aharon]  15 Feb 1869West Ham Jewish Cemetery I14420

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