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  • Southwark, London


    Latitude: 51.4983624, Longitude: -0.0621722


    Matches 1 to 30 of 41

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 BENNETT Elizabeth  1829Southwark, London I3519
    2 COHEN Ada J  1883Southwark, London I12129
    3 COHEN Alfred  1844Southwark, London I908
    4 COHEN Alfred [Aharon Zvi b Isaac HaCohen]  1870Southwark, London I12123
    5 COHEN Charles A  1878Southwark, London I12126
    6 COHEN David  1846Southwark, London I909
    7 COHEN Elizabeth [Beila b Moshe]  1813Southwark, London I6537
    8 COHEN Jane  1842Southwark, London I3707
    9 COHEN Janet A  1879Southwark, London I12127
    10 COHEN John E  1875Southwark, London I12125
    11 COHEN Joseph  1844Southwark, London I3708
    12 COHEN Lawrence  1842Southwark, London I907
    13 COHEN Lionel  1840Southwark, London I906
    14 COHEN Mariam  1847Southwark, London I3709
    15 COHEN Maud F  1882Southwark, London I12128
    16 COHEN Rachel  1838Southwark, London I905
    17 COHEN Rachel A  1874Southwark, London I12124
    18 EMANUEL Lawrence [Eliezer b. Uziel]  1821Southwark, London I2787
    19 FILEMAN Isaac  1860Southwark, London I12273
    20 GODDARD Esther (Minnie Julia) Robert  1870Southwark, London I7537
    21 HARRIS Florence  1872Southwark, London I6625
    22 HARRIS Katie  1875Southwark, London I6626
    23 HYAMS John  1849Southwark, London I110
    24 HYAMS Sarah  1833Southwark, London I6864
    25 HYMAN Esther  1881Southwark, London I6871
    26 HYMAN Kate  1876Southwark, London I6868
    27 HYMAN Miriam  1877Southwark, London I6869
    28 HYMAN Solomon  1879Southwark, London I6870
    29 ISAACS Edward  1872Southwark, London I3375
    30 ISAACS Moss  1877Southwark, London I3377

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    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 HOLZ / REIMANN  1902Southwark, London F38
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