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  • Germany (Prussia)



    Matches 1 to 30 of 66

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Anna  1874Germany (Prussia) I7014
    2 Catherine  1817Germany (Prussia) I3311
    3 Esther  1851Germany (Prussia) I4586
    4 Fanny  1794Germany (Prussia) I4410
    5 Fanny  1832Germany (Prussia) I5993
    6 Fanny [Shprinze b Jacob]  1762Germany (Prussia) I5035
    7 Hannah  1844Germany (Prussia) I4571
    8 Jenny (Sarah) [Sheine]  1793Germany (Prussia) I4789
    9 Maria (Miriam)  1835Germany (Prussia) I5338
    10 Matilda  1844Germany (Prussia) I6003
    11 Rosa [Reitsa b Moshe]  1851Germany (Prussia) I4792
    12 Sarah  1792Germany (Prussia) I1670
    13 (BESSINGER?) Phina  1839Germany (Prussia) I4808
    14 ALEXANDER Levy [Eliezer b Aleksander]  1754Germany (Prussia) I5034
    15 ALEXANDER Nehemiah Joseph [Nachme (Nehemiah?) b. Joseph]  1815Germany (Prussia) I5949
    16 AMSELL (AMSEL) Benjamin  1821Germany (Prussia) I1272
    17 BISCHOFSWERDER Morris [Moshe]  1857Germany (Prussia) I4265
    18 BROADY Barnett [Baruch b Yishroel]  1854Germany (Prussia) I5290
    19 DE STERN David [David b Jacob]  1808Germany (Prussia) I3853
    20 FRIEDLANDER Anna (Johanne)  1875Germany (Prussia) I189
    21 FULD Bernard  1830Germany (Prussia) I72
    22 FULD Solly  1859Germany (Prussia) I70
    23 GOLDSELLER Pauline  1851Germany (Prussia) I5529
    24 GORDON Annie  1881Germany (Prussia) I4498
    25 GORDON Elsie  1875Germany (Prussia) I4496
    26 GORDON Herman  1874Germany (Prussia) I4495
    27 GORDON Leopold  1877Germany (Prussia) I4497
    28 GORDON Lizzie  1883Germany (Prussia) I4499
    29 GORDON Samuel [Shmuel b Abraham Eliezer]  10 Sep 1871Germany (Prussia) I4494
    30 HAAS Angel [Asher b Yitzhak]  1808Germany (Prussia) I6532

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