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  • Chatham, Kent


    Latitude: 51.3807219, Longitude: 0.529774


    Matches 1 to 30 of 43

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Sarah  1826Chatham, Kent I10502
    2 ALEXANDER Emma [Bella b Reuven]  1840Chatham, Kent I10046
    3 ALEXANDER Helen  1852Chatham, Kent I10048
    4 ALEXANDER James Moses  1849Chatham, Kent I10047
    5 ALEXANDER Louis [Yehuda b Yishei]  1799Chatham, Kent I10052
    6 BARNARD Alexander  1861Chatham, Kent I10069
    7 BARNARD Clara  1832Chatham, Kent I17903
    8 BARNARD Daniel [Daniel b Meshullam Halevi]  1825Chatham, Kent I10059
    9 BARNARD David John  1856Chatham, Kent I10066
    10 BARNARD George  1857Chatham, Kent I10067
    11 BARNARD Hannah  1828Chatham, Kent I17901
    12 BARNARD Hannah  1854Chatham, Kent I10065
    13 BARNARD Henry (Daniel Henry)  1859Chatham, Kent I10068
    14 BARNARD Henry Benjamin  1834Chatham, Kent I17904
    15 BARNARD Joseph [Joseph b Daniel]  1849Chatham, Kent I10062
    16 BARNARD Lyon Benjamin  1830Chatham, Kent I17902
    17 BARNARD Lyon Benjamin [Ari Benjamin b Daniel]  1850Chatham, Kent I10063
    18 BARNARD Samuel  1848Chatham, Kent I10061
    19 BARNARD Sarah  1826Chatham, Kent I17900
    20 BERNARD Charles  1852Chatham, Kent I10064
    21 COHEN Esther  1816Chatham, Kent I12931
    22 HARRIS Michael J  1836Chatham, Kent I95
    23 LYONS Joseph  1849Chatham, Kent I10497
    24 LYONS Kate  1852Chatham, Kent I10503
    25 MAGNUS Elizabeth (Lizzie)  1835Chatham, Kent I7219
    26 MAGNUS Jacob  30 Nov 1805Chatham, Kent I9731
    27 MAGNUS Lazarus Simon  1826Chatham, Kent I7218
    28 MAGNUS Simon Lazarus  1801Chatham, Kent I6443
    29 PHILLIPS Esther  1843Chatham, Kent I11288
    30 PHILLIPS Jesse  1845Chatham, Kent I11289

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    Matches 1 to 5 of 5

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 AARON Hannah [Hannah b Jacob]  00 Oct 1843Chatham, Kent I18262
    2 GOLDSMITH Morris  29 Jul 1865Chatham, Kent I18253
    3 MAGNUS Lazarus Philip [Eliezer ben Phineas]  31 Jul 1821Chatham, Kent I9730
    4 MOSES Sarah [Sarah b Ephraim]  29 Jul 1860Chatham, Kent I9732
    5 WOLFF Sarah  1850Chatham, Kent I6444
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