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  • West Ham Jewish Cemetery



    Matches 1 to 30 of 149

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 VITOFSKY Solomon  27 Dec 1917West Ham Jewish Cemetery I1463
    2 COHEN Judah [Yehuda b Isaac HaCohen]  8 Feb 1898West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16442
    3 HART Hannah  29 Jun 1896West Ham Jewish Cemetery I12576
    4 ISAACS Solomon [Shlomo b Isaac]  29 Jan 1892West Ham Jewish Cemetery I17361
    5 PHILLIPS Lazarus (Froom Lezer) [Eleazer b Uri]  20 Jan 1892West Ham Jewish Cemetery I17283
    6 ABRAHAMS David [David b Abraham]  21 Jan 1890West Ham Jewish Cemetery I678
    7 SPERO Marcus (Wolf) [Zev Mordecai b Abraham]  24 Oct 1881West Ham Jewish Cemetery I1118
    8 HART John [Jacob b Hiam]  8 Nov 1880West Ham Jewish Cemetery I13787
    9 PHILLIPS Isaac [Isaac b Uri Feiss]  15 Jul 1877West Ham Jewish Cemetery I2390
    10 GREEN Edward (Ephraim) Levy  15 Apr 1874West Ham Jewish Cemetery I14914
    11 ROBINSON Hart (Harty) Emanuel [Naphtali b Shlomo]  30 Jun 1873West Ham Jewish Cemetery I11534
    12 JOSEPH Rosa [Rezka b Joseph Schneider]  4 Mar 1873West Ham Jewish Cemetery I11148
    13 GLUCKSTEIN Samuel Henry [Isaac b Asher]  26 Jan 1873West Ham Jewish Cemetery I10776
    14 Julia [Judit b Baruch]  25 Aug 1872West Ham Jewish Cemetery I10315
    15 RHEINBERG Levy [Yehuda]  3 May 1872West Ham Jewish Cemetery I10163
    16 Rose [Reizecha b Elijah]  1 Apr 1872West Ham Jewish Cemetery I8056
    17 KOSMAN Sara  29 Jan 1872West Ham Jewish Cemetery I3870
    18 MYERS Caroline [Gitla b Meir]  23 Jan 1872West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16421
    19 EMANUEL Michael [Yechiel Michael b Joel]  21 Jan 1872West Ham Jewish Cemetery I9044
    20 LEVY Sara [Sarah b Yehuda Leib]  16 Jan 1872West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16346
    21 MYERS Joseph Yuppy [Joseph b Samuel Halevi]  18 Sep 1871West Ham Jewish Cemetery I1594
    22 Clara Ann [b. Yekutiel HaCohen]  7 Aug 1871West Ham Jewish Cemetery I747
    23 PYKE Lionel (Leon) [Yehuda b Moshe]  17 Jul 1871West Ham Jewish Cemetery I3906
    24 HYMAN Julia [Yettla b Moshe]  5 Jul 1871West Ham Jewish Cemetery I2815
    25 HARTOG Numa Edward, B.A.  20 Jun 1871West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16510
    26 Elizabeth [Hanna Bila]  16 Jun 1871West Ham Jewish Cemetery I17337
    27 HARRIS Catherine [Gitla b Pinchas Zelig]  13 Mar 1871West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16339
    28 JOSEPH Eleanor (Ellen) [Ella b Samson or Simon]  6 Mar 1871West Ham Jewish Cemetery I15948
    29 SOLOMONS Polly [Miriam b David Groningen]  6 Feb 1870West Ham Jewish Cemetery I3955
    30 JACOBS John [Jacob b Aharon]  15 Feb 1869West Ham Jewish Cemetery I14420

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