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  • St Pancras, London



    Matches 1 to 30 of 72

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Ann (Nancy)  1798St Pancras, London I11732
    2 ELLIS Samuel  1799St Pancras, London I9308
    3 AARONS Esther  1801St Pancras, London I9309
    4 COHEN Harriet [Breindel b Pinchas Zelig HaCohen]  1804St Pancras, London I6335
    5 COLLINS Solomon George [Shlomeh b Yitzhak]  1805St Pancras, London I6712
    6 ANGEL Morris (Maurice)  1823St Pancras, London I6984
    7 MOCATTA Miriam  22 May 1823St Pancras, London I10338
    8 GOLDSHEDE Marianne  1832St Pancras, London I9419
    9 MYERS Mary Ann  1832St Pancras, London I883
    10 COLLINS Solomon [Shlomeh b Eliezer]  1839St Pancras, London I6726
    11 SIMONS (SIMMONS) Samuel  1840St Pancras, London I4443
    12 SALOMONS Albert Lionel [Yehuda Leib b Reuben]  03 Oct 1840St Pancras, London I9202
    13 JOSEPH Esther  1843St Pancras, London I7785
    14 SIMONS (SIMMONS) Abraham  1843St Pancras, London I8950
    15 SIMONS (SIMMONS) Victor  1844St Pancras, London I4444
    16 STIEBEL Rebecca  1844St Pancras, London I9598
    17 ANGEL Julia  1845St Pancras, London I6986
    18 MARKS Joel  1845St Pancras, London I3973
    19 ANGEL Daniel  1847St Pancras, London I6987
    20 SIMONS (SIMMONS) Fanny  1847St Pancras, London I4445
    21 ANGEL Rachel  1848St Pancras, London I6988
    22 GOODMAN Alice  1848St Pancras, London I9367
    23 ANGEL Helen  1850St Pancras, London I6989
    24 GOODMAN Miriam  1850St Pancras, London I9368
    25 JACOBSON Abigail  1850St Pancras, London I13030
    26 HYMAN Isiah  1852St Pancras, London I6375
    27 MOCATTA Abraham de Mattos  15 Jan 1853St Pancras, London I8535
    28 BENNETT Louisa S  1854St Pancras, London I2948
    29 HYMAN Sarah  1854St Pancras, London I6362
    30 ALEXANDER Esther  1855St Pancras, London I16606

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    Matches 1 to 2 of 2

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 MARKS / WOOLF  14 Dec 1842St Pancras, London F2037
    2 FALCKE / ISAACS  1846St Pancras, London F2028

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