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  • Russia Poland



    Matches 1 to 30 of 36

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Annie (Hilda, Ada)  1855Russia Poland I14233
    2 Celia (Sarah) [Tserel Mila]  1834Russia Poland I16272
    3 Hannah  1824Russia Poland  I9659
    4 Henrietta  1872Russia Poland I13359
    5 Jane  1861Russia Poland I15021
    6 Jessie  1850Russia Poland I11912
    7 Kate  1861Russia Poland I13506
    8 Leah Dinah [Leah Dinah b Dov]  1837Russia Poland I12454
    9 Milcha  1828Russia Poland I11909
    10 Mindel Chayah [Mindel Hannah]  1832Russia Poland I16374
    11 Vella  1877Russia Poland I1490
    12 BLAIRMAN Jacob Harris  1865Russia Poland I11515
    13 BRAHAMS David  1869Russia Poland I13358
    14 FINE Jacob [Jacob b Eliyahu]  1853Russia Poland I12649
    15 FREEDMAN Lewis [Arieh b Jacob]  1833Russia Poland I15586
    16 GOLDBERG Annie  1875Russia Poland I12457
    17 GOLDBERG Miriam  1867Russia Poland I12455
    18 GOLDBERG Morris [Moshe Avigdor b Morenu Meir]  1836Russia Poland  I12453
    19 GOLDBERG Rachel  1869Russia Poland I12456
    20 GORFUNKLE Samuel  1848Russia Poland I14232
    21 HARRIS Isaac [Zvi Zev b Isaac]  1842Russia Poland I17512
    22 HARRIS Lewis  1864Russia Poland I17514
    23 JACOBS Nathan [Nathan ben H?H Aharon]  1824Russia Poland  I9658
    24 KESEFF Solomon [Shalom b Shimuel]  1872Russia Poland  I9699
    25 LEBER Lazarus  1874Russia Poland I11417
    26 MOGDON Jeremiah  1839Russia Poland I16271
    27 MOSES Esther [Esther b Moshe]  1845Russia Poland I17513
    28 NORMAN Nathan  1830Russia Poland I17437
    29 PRESS Benjamin  1871Russia Poland I13389
    30 RING Phillip  1828Russia Poland I11908

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