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  • Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground


    Latitude: 50.364673, Longitude: -4.140418


    Matches 1 to 30 of 30

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 (unknown)  Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4977
    2 Avrahom b Baruch SGL  06 Feb 1788Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4936
    3 David b Jacob  Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4985
    4 Fanny  Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I5011
    5 Hannah [Chaya]  Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4987
    6 Hannah [Gitla b Zvi]  15 May 1853Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I5005
    7 Patty [Martha b Judah]  13 May 1838Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4954
    8 Rachel [Rachel b Abraham]  1863Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4963
    9 Ze'ev b Judah  02 Aug 1832Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4995
    10 ALTMANN (ALTMAN) Nathan [Nathan b Joseph KZ]  15 Oct 1849Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4970
    11 BELLEM Abraham [Abraham b Aharon]  07 Oct 1866Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4965
    12 EMDEN Solomon (Zalek) [Phineas Zelig b Avrahom Emden]  Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4994
    13 EMDON (EMDEN) Abraham [Abraham b Eliezer]  21 May 1872Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4955
    14 HART Emmanuel [Menasseh b Zvi]  24 Oct 1828Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4974
    15 ISAACS Isaac [Isaac b Abraham]  20 Jan 1872Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4978
    16 JOSEPH Abaham [Avraham b Joseph]  Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4996
    17 JOSEPH Brina [Beina b Gershon]  29 Aug 1867Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4957
    18 JOSEPH Lyon [Judah b Joseph]  10 Jun 1825Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4953
    19 KLAPPER? Aleksander b Meir  Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I5017
    20 LAZARUS Lyon [Yehuda b Moshe]  Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I5021
    21 LEVI Hyman [Hayim b Mordecai]  Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I5027
    22 LYON Judah P [Jacob Pesach b Aryeh]  Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I5028
    23 MOSES Jacob [Jacob b Yehuda]  17 Apr 1855Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4988
    24 MOSES Philip [Jacob Uri Shraga b Moses]  07 Feb 1833Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4937
    25 NATHAN Aaron [Aharon b Yechiel]  Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4938
    26 NATHAN Jacob [Jacob b Shlomeh]  Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4966
    27 RALPH Samuel [Samuel b Judah]  Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I5018
    28 SHERRENBECK Gershon [Gershon b Yehuda Jacob]  Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4976
    29 SOLOMON Hyman [Hayim b Isiah]  Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4992
    30 STADHAGEN Myer [Meir b Isaac]  Plymouth Hoe Burial Ground I4998
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