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  • Liverpool, Lancashire


    Latitude: 53.4107766, Longitude: -2.9778383


    Matches 1 to 30 of 107

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Flora  1786Liverpool, Lancashire I18850
    2 Sophia  1806Liverpool, Lancashire I2908
    3 BEAVER Isaac  1855Liverpool, Lancashire I10724
    4 BEHREND Alice Rita  1869Liverpool, Lancashire I18797
    5 BEHREND Amy Frances  1864Liverpool, Lancashire I18796
    6 BEHREND Arthur Coleman  1863Liverpool, Lancashire I18794
    7 BEHREND Charles  1858Liverpool, Lancashire I18802
    8 BEHREND Edith Maria  1862Liverpool, Lancashire I18793
    9 BEHREND Frederick Julian  1872Liverpool, Lancashire I18798
    10 BEHREND George Lionel  1868Liverpool, Lancashire I18799
    11 BEHREND Henry David  1866Liverpool, Lancashire I18795
    12 BLAIRMAN Ruth  1898Liverpool, Lancashire I11521
    13 COHEN Amelia  1854Liverpool, Lancashire I10706
    14 COHEN Philip  1864Liverpool, Lancashire I2393
    15 COLEMAN Elizabeth  1821Liverpool, Lancashire I18858
    16 DE FRECE Adel Leah (Adele)  1866Liverpool, Lancashire I18804
    17 DE FRECE Benjamin (Bernard)  1875Liverpool, Lancashire I18806
    18 DE FRECE Florence (Frances)  1878Liverpool, Lancashire I18807
    19 DE FRECE Isaac (John)  1872Liverpool, Lancashire I18805
    20 DE FRECE Maurice (Lyon)  1880Liverpool, Lancashire I18808
    21 DE FRECE Walter or William  1871Liverpool, Lancashire I18809
    22 DE MENASCE Hester Caline (Celine)  1870Liverpool, Lancashire I18870
    23 ELLIS Rachel  1871Liverpool, Lancashire I7650
    24 FRANKLIN Abraham Gabay [Abraham Gabay b Abraham]  1824Liverpool, Lancashire I10807
    25 FRANKLIN Ellis Abraham [Aleksander b Abraham]  05 Oct 1822Liverpool, Lancashire I10795
    26 GABRIELSON Amelia  1873Liverpool, Lancashire I5098
    27 GOLDSMITH Albert  1854Liverpool, Lancashire I8410
    28 GOLDSMITH Alfred  1856Liverpool, Lancashire I8411
    29 GOLDSMITH Matilda Gertrude  1852Liverpool, Lancashire I8409
    30 GOLDSMITH Salomon  1850Liverpool, Lancashire I8404

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    Matches 1 to 21 of 21

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 Eliza [Beila b R Moshe]  8 Dec 1876Liverpool, Lancashire I18775
    2 COHEN Abigail  1899Liverpool, Lancashire I18873
    3 DA COSTA Elka Mendes  1857Liverpool, Lancashire I18801
    4 GOLLIN Bearman  1895Liverpool, Lancashire I17585
    5 GOLLIN Edgar  1865Liverpool, Lancashire I18866
    6 GOLLIN Marcus  1874Liverpool, Lancashire I17589
    7 JOHNSON Emily Virginia [Malkah b Pinchas]  1901Liverpool, Lancashire I18835
    8 LAZARUS (ROBINSON) Ralph [Raphael b Moshe]  8 Aug 1906Liverpool, Lancashire I1566
    9 LION (LYON) Dorothy Miriam [Miriam b Simeon]  31 Jan 1889Liverpool, Lancashire I18810
    10 LION (LYON) Rosine Rachel [Rahel b Simon]  22 Feb 1889Liverpool, Lancashire I18811
    11 LYON Henry  4 May 1878Liverpool, Lancashire I18779
    12 MARCUS Stanley Herbert Heymann  1888Liverpool, Lancashire I18826
    13 MOSS Daisy Phyllis  1910Liverpool, Lancashire I18821
    14 MOSS Violet Ethel  Jan 1889Liverpool, Lancashire I18819
    15 ROMAIN Samuel Anidjai [Samuel b Moshe]  14 Apr 1903Liverpool, Lancashire I18838
    16 TOBIAS Frederick Meyer  06 Jun 1844Liverpool, Lancashire I9235
    17 TOBIAS George Woolf  24 Jan 1872Liverpool, Lancashire I9232
    18 TOBIAS Miriam  24 Aug 1895Liverpool, Lancashire I9234
    19 TOBIAS Rebecca  04 Aug 1856Liverpool, Lancashire I9231
    20 WOOLF Hannah [Hendela b Gershon Wolf]  11 Nov 1834Liverpool, Lancashire I9228
    21 YATES Flora  1851Liverpool, Lancashire I18901


    Matches 1 to 8 of 8

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 de Menasce / GOLLIN  28 Jul 1869Liverpool, Lancashire F4179
    2 DeFREECE (De FRECE) / Rowe  1871Liverpool, Lancashire F4163
    3 GOLLIN / MARKS  1848Liverpool, Lancashire F3835
    4 ISAAC / Coleman  1839Liverpool, Lancashire F828
    5 LEVY (Levi) / DEFRIES (DE FRIES / DE VRIES)  1845Liverpool, Lancashire F1006
    6 LION (Lyon) / De FRECE  1887Liverpool, Lancashire F4164
    7 Romain / Woodburn  1868Liverpool, Lancashire F4174
    8 SIMMONS / DAVIS  1858Liverpool, Lancashire F976
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