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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 DAVIS Rebecca [Rebecca b Mordecai]  1830Essex I3333 CemeteryScribes.com  
2 DAVIS Sophia  1839Essex I14360 CemeteryScribes.com  
3 ISAACS Barnett  1870Essex I6469 CemeteryScribes.com  
4 LEVY Alfred  1826Essex I6675 CemeteryScribes.com  
5 LEVY Dinah  1816Essex I6671 CemeteryScribes.com  
6 LEVY Henry  1821Essex I6674 CemeteryScribes.com  
7 LEVY Louisa  1826Essex I6676 CemeteryScribes.com  
8 LEVY (LEVI) Catherine  1806Essex I1096 CemeteryScribes.com  
9 LEVY (LEVI) Elizabeth  1811Essex I1097 CemeteryScribes.com  
10 SAMUEL Benjamin  1840Essex I3049 CemeteryScribes.com  
11 SAMUEL Benjamin [Benjamin b Meir]  1840Essex I13214 CemeteryScribes.com  
12 SAMUEL Charlotte  1843Essex I3050 CemeteryScribes.com  
13 SAMUEL David [David b Meir]  1854Essex I3056 CemeteryScribes.com  
14 SAMUEL Elizabeth  1839Essex I3048 CemeteryScribes.com  
15 SAMUEL Elizabeth  1839Essex I13213 CemeteryScribes.com  
16 SAMUEL Emma  1848Essex I3052 CemeteryScribes.com  
17 SAMUEL Henry  1842Essex I3053 CemeteryScribes.com  
18 SAMUEL Herbert  1853Essex I3055 CemeteryScribes.com  
19 SAMUEL Leah  1856Essex I3057 CemeteryScribes.com  
20 SAMUEL Lewis  1846Essex I3051 CemeteryScribes.com  
21 SAMUEL Michael  1852Essex I3054 CemeteryScribes.com  

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