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  • Edinburgh, Scotland


    Latitude: 55.9501755, Longitude: -3.1875359


    Matches 1 to 30 of 83

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Bella  1870Edinburgh, Scotland I4174
    2 Rosa  1868Edinburgh, Scotland I4154
    3 Rosetta  1868Edinburgh, Scotland I14864
    4 COHEN Amelia  1896Edinburgh, Scotland I4043
    5 COHEN Davina  1899Edinburgh, Scotland I4045
    6 COHEN Isaac  1898Edinburgh, Scotland I4044
    7 DE SAXE Morris [Moshe b. Shlomeh]  1820Edinburgh, Scotland I11269
    8 EZEKIEL (VAN NOORDEN (NORDEN)) Mary Ann  1830Edinburgh, Scotland I7230
    9 EZEKIEL (VAN NOORDEN (NORDEN)) Phineas Ezekiel  1827Edinburgh, Scotland I7229
    10 FURST Emily  1880Edinburgh, Scotland I4080
    11 GLASSTONE Agnes  29 Dec 1874Edinburgh, Scotland I4085
    12 GLASSTONE Charles  1883Edinburgh, Scotland I4091
    13 GLASSTONE Floretta  1890Edinburgh, Scotland I4092
    14 GLASSTONE Isaac  1878Edinburgh, Scotland I4086
    15 GLASSTONE Louis  1888Edinburgh, Scotland I4090
    16 GLASSTONE Louisa  1880Edinburgh, Scotland I4087
    17 GLASSTONE Paulina  1877Edinburgh, Scotland I4088
    18 GLASSTONE Reuben  1885Edinburgh, Scotland I4089
    19 GOLDSTON Bella  1869Edinburgh, Scotland I4104
    20 GOLDSTON Benjamin  1885Edinburgh, Scotland I4103
    21 GOLDSTON Ernest [Aharon b Moshe Baruch]  1865Edinburgh, Scotland I4102
    22 GOLDSTON George  1874Edinburgh, Scotland I4101
    23 GOLDSTON Hannah  1881Edinburgh, Scotland I4100
    24 GOLDSTON Henry  1876Edinburgh, Scotland I4099
    25 GOLDSTON Michael  1867Edinburgh, Scotland I4097
    26 GOLDSTON Samuel  1872Edinburgh, Scotland I4098
    27 HANFF Helena  1866Edinburgh, Scotland I2394
    28 HARRISON Barnett  1876Edinburgh, Scotland I4057
    29 HARRISON Fanny  1879Edinburgh, Scotland I4056
    30 HARRISON Joel  1885Edinburgh, Scotland I4060

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    Matches 1 to 16 of 16

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 Esther Toby  14 Dec 1896Edinburgh, Scotland I4004
    2 ABRAMS (ABRAHAMS) Hyam (Henry) [Chaim b Eliyahu]  06 Apr 1912Edinburgh, Scotland I3135
    3 BERMAN Joseph [Joseph b Zvi Dov]  25 Jun 1886Edinburgh, Scotland I4011
    4 BUCHANAN Margaret  14 Sep 1840Edinburgh, Scotland I9494
    5 COHEN Murray Leonard [Mordecai b Jacob HaCohen]  20 Dec 1902Edinburgh, Scotland I4039
    6 COHEN Salamon (Solomon) [Shlomo b Isaac HaCohen]  15 Sep 1870Edinburgh, Scotland I4035
    7 EZEKIEL (VAN NOORDEN (NORDEN)) Moses Abraham Ezekiel  2 Jul 1850Edinburgh, Scotland I3217
    8 HARPMAN (HERPMANN) Rosetta [Raitzah? b Zvi]  14 Dec 1869Edinburgh, Scotland I4067
    9 JACOB Clara  28 Jun 1889Edinburgh, Scotland I4198
    10 JOEL Moses  23 May 1863Edinburgh, Scotland I3147
    11 LANDAU Henrietta  01 Oct 1893Edinburgh, Scotland I4211
    12 LEVINE Bertha (Beatrice)  12 Aug 1901Edinburgh, Scotland I4218
    13 LEVY Ellen (Mary Ellen)  11 Oct 1912Edinburgh, Scotland I4155
    14 MICHAEL Fritza (Trutche)  27 Dec 1878Edinburgh, Scotland I4120
    15 MICHAEL Jacob  07 Oct 1896Edinburgh, Scotland I4142
    16 ZACK Rachel  06 Sep 1914Edinburgh, Scotland I4216


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 ABRAMS (ABRAHAMS) / JOEL  13 Feb 1865Edinburgh, Scotland F786
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