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  • Brady Street Jewish Cemetery


    Latitude: 51.5215135, Longitude: -0.0595174


    Matches 1 to 30 of 614

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 ZACHARIAH Samuel b. Zachari[ah]  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I7647
    2 WORMS Rebecca  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I797
    3 WORMS Aaron [Aharon b Yehuda (Judah) Cohen]  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I806
    4 WOOLF? Alexander  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1371
    5 WOOLF Sarah  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I563
    6 WOOLF George (Gershon)  10 Feb 1824Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I583
    7 WOOLF Benjamin  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1108
    8 WOLFE (WOLFF) Frances (Frumat)  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I496
    9 WOLFE Joseph  17 Oct 1819Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I975
    10 WILKS Simon Solomon [Jacob Simeon b Shlomeh]  13 Aug 1833Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I7734
    11 WEILER (WEILLER) Edward  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I788
    12 WEILER (WEILLER) Abraham  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I787
    13 WALEY (LEVI) Sarah  1840Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I9066
    14 UNKNOWN unknown  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1637
    15 TOWN Elizabeth  15 Jul 1808Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I724
    16 TOBIAS Rachel  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I612
    17 SYMONDS Isaac  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1601
    18 STRASS Jacob  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1185
    19 SPILLA (SPILLARS?) Harriet  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1546
    20 SOLOMONS Woolf [Ze’ev (Wolf) b Alexander]  29 Nov 1840Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I7616
    21 SOLOMONS Rosetta  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1632
    22 SOLOMONS Isaac  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I544
    23 SOLOMONS Esther  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1087
    24 SOLOMONS Asher b. Ari Shirga  03 Aug 1834Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1641
    25 SOLOMON Simpson (Samson) [Samson Zvi b Shlomo Dov]  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1246
    26 SOLOMON Saul  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1607
    27 SOLOMON Samuel  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1226
    28 SOLOMON Samuel  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1227
    29 SOLOMON Richard  09 Sep 1841Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I540
    30 SOLOMON Lyon  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1412

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