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  • Brady Street Jewish Cemetery


    Latitude: 51.5215135, Longitude: -0.0595174


    Matches 61 to 90 of 612

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    61 RAPHAEL Lewis (Asher Lemle)  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I743
    62 RAPHAEL Leah [Leah b Nathan]  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I917
    63 RAPHAEL Barnet [Baruch b Menachem]  07 Mar 1849Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I606
    64 PRINS Asser (Asher) [Asher b Yehuda Prinzs]  19 Feb 1837Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1109
    65 POS (PAS) (BAS?) Fronaca (Fronacs) [Fru [mke??] b Ze'ev Wolf]  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1409
    66 POLAK? Elizabeth [Bela b Isaac Polak]  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I654
    67 POLACK Moses  06 May 1824Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I600
    68 PHILLIPS Philip  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1400
    69 PHILLIPS Moses [Moshe b Nahum Sofer]  11 Feb 1852Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I378
    70 PHILLIPS Miriam (Mary)  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I566
    71 PHILLIPS Lewis  22 Jun 1837Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1038
    72 PHILLIPS Jacob (Ya'akov ben Uri HaCohen)  18 Mar 1812Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1465
    73 PHILLIP (unknown)  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1007
    74 PENCUTTER? Jonah b Nathan  19 Sep 1796Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I7618
    75 OPPENHIEM (OPPENHEIM) Sarah  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I659
    76 NORDEN Abraham  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I16880
    77 NOAH [Martha?]  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1660
    78 NOAH Elizabeth  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I988
    79 NATHAN Walter (Falk)  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1348
    80 NATHAN Simon  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1245
    81 NATHAN Sarah H [Sarah b Chaim Footman]  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1232
    82 NATHAN Sarah  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I970
    83 NATHAN Samuel  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I607
    84 NATHAN Phineas [Pinchas Nathan b Isaac]  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1320
    85 NATHAN Moses (Moshe)  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1479
    86 NATHAN Moses  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1212
    87 NATHAN Lyon  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I564
    88 NATHAN Lydia  Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I1082
    89 NATHAN Levy [Levi b Nathan]  16 Mar 1817Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I7617
    90 NATHAN Levin (Levi)  16 Mar 1817Brady Street Jewish Cemetery I994

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