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  • Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery


    Latitude: 51.539773, Longitude: -0.0462219


    Matches 61 to 90 of 180

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    61 COHEN Solomon  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1951
    62 COHN Henrietta (Jetta)  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1679
    63 COSTER (COSTA) Benjamin Zeev (Wolf) ben Joseph  27 Jan 1829Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1736
    64 DAVIDSON Abraham  15 Nov 1857Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1827
    65 DAVIDSON David  22 Sep 1857Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1830
    66 EICHHOLZ Louis  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1672
    67 ELLIS John  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1987
    68 EMANUEL Amelia (Emilia)  17 Jan 1856Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1739
    69 ENGEL Jonas [Jonah Isaachar Berl (Behr?) ]  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I2028
    70 FLATOU Louis Victor  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1879
    71 GLUCKSTEIN (Asher) Lehman Meyer  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1820
    72 GOLBERG Nathan  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1724
    73 GOMPERTS Lion (Lyon)  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I5202
    74 GOMPERTZ Amelia  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I9750
    75 GOMPERTZ Judith  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I5200
    76 GOMPERTZ Rachel  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I9759
    77 GOMPERTZ (GOMPERTS) Benjamin [Ze'ev Wolf b Shlomeh Emrich]  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1922
    78 GOODWIN Benjamin  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1727
    79 GOULSTON John  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I2016
    80 HAES Adeline  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I16558
    81 HAES David [David Asher HaLevi]  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I16555
    82 HARRIS Emanuel [Menachem b Zvi]  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1818
    83 HARRIS Lewis [Yehuda b Shmuel]  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1978
    84 HARRIS Rebecca [Rebecca b Meir HaLevi]  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1935
    85 HART Abraham  21 Apr 1822Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1698
    86 HART Henry [Tsebi Hirsh b. Baruch b. Jacob Tsebi]  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I6892
    87 HART John  08 Apr 1853Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1962
    88 HART Joseph  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1762
    89 HART Lavinia  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1880
    90 HEDWIG Abigail  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1715

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