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  • Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery


    Latitude: 51.539773, Longitude: -0.0462219


    Matches 31 to 60 of 180

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    31 Sophia  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1750
    32 Vogel  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1912
    33 (ABRAHAMS?) Phoebe [Fradke b Abraham]  18 Mar 1844Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1730
    34 (ISAACS?) Moshe ben Zeev (Wolf)  28 Aug 1827Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1717
    35 (NELSON?) Kate? [Gitel]  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I2034
    36 (UNKNOWN) Elizabeth  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1732
    37 (UNKNOWN) Isabella  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1920
    38 (UNKNOWN) Sarah  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1985
    39 AARON Rachel  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I2025
    40 ABRAHAMS Deborah Eliza [Deborah Bila (Leah) b Yehuda]  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1789
    41 ALBU Israel  27 Aug 1863Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1899
    42 ALEXANDER Julia  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I13819
    43 ALEXANDER Morris (Moshe b Shlomeh)  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1960
    44 ANDRADE Sophia  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1765
    45 ASSER Assur (Asher) [Asher b Meir]  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I16586
    46 BARNETT Amelia  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I16589
    47 BARRON Eliza Ann  13 Mar 1864Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1870
    48 BENJAMIN Isaac  20 Jun 1875Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1866
    49 BERLINER Benjamin  1872Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1913
    50 BERTRAM Moritz Beral [Meir b Benich?]  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1971
    51 BOSS Abraham Isaac  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1979
    52 BRESLAU Marcus H  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1988
    53 BRIGHT Frances  07 Jul 1868Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1764
    54 VAN BROOK (BROEK) Kaat  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I16553
    55 CHAPMAN Benjamin [Benjamin b Yechiel]  08 Sep 1848Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1696
    56 CLOZENBERG Joseph  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1769
    57 COHEN Aaron [Aharon Amersfoort]  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1719
    58 COHEN Barnet  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I12413
    59 COHEN Lewis (Levy) Joseph  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1766
    60 COHEN Marks (Mark)  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I2013

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