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  • Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery


    Latitude: 51.539773, Longitude: -0.0462219


    Matches 121 to 150 of 180

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    121 LEVY Jane  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1923
    122 LEVY Jonah  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1777
    123 LEVY Michael  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1780
    124 LEVY Solomon  12 Sep 1830Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1738
    125 LEVY Sophie (Zipporah) Benjamin  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1919
    126 LEWEY Solomon  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1802
    127 LYON Emma  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1871
    128 LYON Maria  02 Dec 1868Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1775
    129 LYON (LYONS) Henry (Asher)  08 Oct 1867Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1733
    130 LYONS Charles  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I2015
    131 MAGNUS Horace  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1975
    132 MAGNUS Philip  11 Nov 1853Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1763
    133 MAGNUS Rachel  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1972
    134 MANSFIELD Manness  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I2014
    135 MARKS Lazarus  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1726
    136 MARKS Solomon  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1803
    137 MEYER Eva  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1782
    138 MEYER (MEYERS) Leo  25 Jun 1852Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1817
    139 MONTEFIORE Abigail  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1921
    140 MORDECAI Henry [Zvi b Moshe]  04 Dec 1868Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1690
    141 MOSES Coleman  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1980
    142 MYERS Lipman  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1759
    143 MYERS Moses Henry  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1889
    144 MYERS Philip  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1798
    145 MYERS Phoebe [Fradke b Jacob]  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I6893
    146 MYERS Samuel  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1737
    147 NATHAN Nathan [Nathan b Moshe Sofer]  07 Mar 1828Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1678
    148 PASS Caroline  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1937
    149 PHILLIPS Blume (Bluma)  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1989
    150 PICARD Solomon Isaacs  11 Jul 1854Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1958

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