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  • Family: LINDO Elias David Abarbanel / LYON Susan (F3814)

    m. 27 Jul 1825

    Family Chart     |    PDF

    LINDO David AbarbanelLINDO David Abarbanel
    Male (1772-1852)
    Female (1777-1852)
    LINDO Abraham DavidLINDO Abraham David
    Male (1797-1799)
    LINDO GraceLINDO Grace
    Female (1801- )
    LINDO Esther DavidLINDO Esther David
    Female (1802-1860)
    LINDO Abigail DavidLINDO Abigail David
    Female (1803-1848)
    LINDO Nathaniel DavidLINDO Nathaniel David
    Male (1805-1807)
    LINDO Samuel DavidLINDO Samuel David
    Male (1807-1883)
    LINDO Rachel DavidLINDO Rachel David
    Female (1809-1809)
    LINDO Nethaneel DavidLINDO Nethaneel David
    Male (1810-1889)
    LINDO Gabriel DavidLINDO Gabriel David
    Male (1815-1832)
    LINDO Miriam DavidLINDO Miriam David
    Female (1818-1886)
    LINDO Leah DavidLINDO Leah David
    Female (1821- )
    Rev. LYON SolomonRev. LYON Solomon
    Male (1755-1820)
    LYON EmmaLYON Emma
    Female (1788-1870)
    LYON Isaac LeoLYON Isaac Leo
    Male (1787-1850)
    LYON Hart [Naphtali]LYON Hart [Naphtali]
    Male (1796-1876)
    LYON JoshuaLYON Joshua
    Male (1796-1876)
    LYON RoseLYON Rose
    Female (1796-1822)
    LYON DavidLYON David
    Male (1799-1819)
    LYON LouisaLYON Louisa
    Female (1803- )
    LYON Abraham SeptimusLYON Abraham Septimus
    Male (1804-1872)
    LYON SusanLYON Susan
    Female (1800- )
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