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Search our database of headstone inscriptions from Jewish cemeteries throughout the UK.

Find headstone inscriptions, including Hebrew transliterations (where possible) and mini family trees for each individual. Also included are records from various sources such as census returns, wills, birth and marriage registers, and many more, to help you complete your genealogy and understand your ancestry.

Our site is in memory of those who have gone before us and now rest in a House of Life.

G. Laws. & A. Shire.


To see a full list of the cemeteries covered and to browse through our records, photos and inscriptions for each one go to Headstones by Cemetery.

A brief history of each cemetery is included while a more detailed history for some of the cemeteries can be found under Cemetery Histories.

General views for many of the cemeteries are available here


Search through the headstone photos by name, then click on the link to see the information we have collected on the person and their family.

Individuals & families

Browse by surname, to find individuals and mini family trees, please note that women are listed under their maiden name, where known, and that not all entries include a headstone photo.

Synagogue Scribes

Random photo's from our site

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